Design an experimental time lesson in your yard or local park, and let your kids set their own reps set up. Practice the same lesson – whether it is going back and forth in a tree across the yard, or around the house – and invite them to work while allowing them to celebrate their own record progress.

Fun exercises for children should be fun. Instead of thinking of exercise as “exercise”, think of it as “exercise.” Ewunike Akpan is a personal trainer accredited by the American Gymnastics Council. He is also the co-manager of the BOKS central Atlantic region.

BOKS is a school-based exercise program for elementary and middle school children. It’s all about having fun and playing games. The children arrive at school 45 minutes before the bell rings and spend the rest of the day playing active and fun games. It is a great way to increase resilience in your daily life. It also helps them to do better in school academically and ethically.

Below are some suggestions for easy exercise for children – the movements they will enjoy and the games they will benefit from. These ideas do not require tools or a large external space. These activities can be performed in a short explosion of 5-10 minutes or more.

Start by doing warm-up exercises to increase your heart rate.

1. Going with the dog for a walk or to school.
2. Jumping, running, and grabbing all the usual activities on the playground.
3. Physical education is an important part of life.
4. soccer or tennis are examples of sports.
5. Swimming and jumping are two things I enjoy.
to dance.
6. Skateboarding or rollerblading are two popular activities.

Guidelines for Children’s Physical Activity

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children ages 6-17 participate in at least one hour of vigorous, moderate to vigorous exercise each day. This should include both aerobic and muscle strengthening activities.


Running is a very basic form of exercise, and it is good for kids’ seemingly endless energy and desire for speed.Children can run inside, in the gym, in the hallway, or around (around) a large table. You can combine running with other active sports, such as relay races.You can change things while you are working. Let your children switch between running and jumping. Or, they run in an area with their feet close to the ground (“quick feet”).Children can also run on high knees, which means they raise their knees to the chest and then move to the “butt kick”, where they kick their heels towards the buttocks.Children’s interactions are improved by changing their direction, side by side (or by backwards).


These simple exercises will move your feet down. Jumping increases muscle strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and stamina. Who would not like to compete with a sibling, a friend, or an adult to jump on the bandwagon?

Here are some fun jumps that kids can try:

Criss Cross Feet: Jump straight forward, then cross your feet in front of your other foot. Then, jump again and change feet.
Obstacle jumping: Jump sideways or forwards and backward over a fake obstacle.
Jumping Jacks: Wear your arms and legs in front of you like a starfish and jump. In the second jump, turn your arms to the sides and place your legs where you come from.
Jump with one foot: Stand on one leg and raise your knee. This is also a major measurement challenge.
Tuck Jumps Bend your knees and lift your heels while jumping.

Exercise Games

Turn exercise into a game to make it fun for kids. These are some of the suggestions from Akpan.

Corners Divide children to have their own home corner. Next, let them run and form circles around the room. They will need to go back “home” to do simple exercises, such as five jump Jacks or a 30-second plank. Akpan suggests that the children decide what exercises they will do in each corner. This gives them control over the game.

Hit it again: When you press “go,” the kids run down the street. Next, call “back” to tell them to go back. Then, you can say, “Hit it!” to add another skill (e.g. squat or tuck jump). Give your kids a chance to vote “hit it!” the skill they want.Squat relay All the children have to run around the middle of the room, and all say “go”. Kids should do three squats and give each other a high five with both hands between each rep. Social cohesion and quality are the main focus. You can make it easier for the large group to have the lines go sideways between the reps, so that each child can meet a new friend in the middle.

Traffic: This BOKS version of “Red Light Green Light” shows that a lot is happening “on the road”. The children stand in red and green lanterns and swing to the other side to turn yellow, then connect their elbows with their partner to find a “carpool.” They can also tickle where there is an indication of “crossing the prey.” You can do extra movements with your kids!

Home Football Games

Kids can get a lot of exercise by playing soccer outside or indoors. You can get aerobic training, balance and contact training. Children are more inclined to play soccer than any other activity.Indoor soccer games do not require much space.Throw the balls in the washing basketHit the target with a household object by hitting the ball on it.A plastic bowl and a plastic cup are good for holding balls.Throwing, rolling or kicking a ball against a wall.You can also pass, crash, or roll the ball back and forth between your teammates.Parents need to make sure that their child has a safe place to play soccer, such as away from any broken objects.To keep your child safe and to prevent injuries, you can use softball, such as a yoga ball, a foam ball, or a beanbag, while playing indoors. If you are using a solid or light ball or if your child is still learning to integrate, it is important to have the right protective gear.


Jumping is a fun exercise game that can challenge balance and communication.

Here are some jumping games you might want to try:

Hopscotch Build a hopscotch grid (square number grid) with chalk (outside), or mask tape inside. There are many ways to play hopscotch, but the basic idea is that the player throws a small object (like a bean bag), on one of these squares. Players then try to jump, jump or jump on the road, without sitting on the square.
Skip Cable Ask your children to jump rope at the appointed time. You can make the task even more difficult by asking your children to jump back and forth.


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